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Committed to glorifying God through serving others. 

   The Doc Foundation was founded in 2020 as a way to help people and spread the love and hope we share in Jesus Christ. The foundation's cost are privately funded and all proceeds received are used to further the foundation's goal of helping those in need through the love of Jesus Christ. One main purpose is helping people in need within issues that arise with their homes. We provide needed home repairs and supply items that are unobtainable due to life circumstances. We believe that a stable life starts with a stable home. We Due to restrictions incurred with Covid-19, our current fund raising is limited to selling of our Christian based t-shirts and loving donations. On this site you will find a weekly devotion of hope to start your week of in a positive Godly direction. Also, there is a section to submit prayer request so that your request can be lifted up to God by your bothers and sisters in Christ.

My God's goodness and
mercy follow you,  



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