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Hope for the Week

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    “Into each life some rain must fall” …. Longfellow.

 Rain at times can cause deadly floods and landslides, but it also brings life and nourishment. It causes our grass to grow, fills our lakes, rivers, and streams, and waters the flowers that we enjoy on a warm sunny day. In our lives we experience rain. It comes in the form of trials, heartaches, and troubles. For Christians, the same God that controls the rain is in control of our struggles. He may use a catastrophic event to deal with sin in our lives or to get our focus back on Him. Or, He may use just some rainy days in the form of problems and trials to increase our dependency on Him or teach us and strengthen us. Whether the hard times come as strong storms or just a gentle rain remember this promise: “All things work together for good to them that love God” Romans 8:28. The Bible doesn’t promise that all things will be good, but that all things will come together for our good to give us a joyful God filled life. So, the next time it rains in your life look to the Son for a brighter day!

Have a GREAT week,

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